Adventure Training in the Air Cadets From rock climbing to canoeing, kayaking and assailing and many more cadets can partake in some amazing activities under the direct guidance of professional instructors
Gain new skills The Air Cadet subjects are directly related to the aviation side of the organisation and eventually lead to a 5 GCSE Equivelant Qualificatoin
Fieldcraft activities Cadets learn numerous field skills, from manoeuvring to camouflage and concealment in the field and also get the chance to learn how to live in the field


Duke of Edinburgh

D of E is a widely recognised award which gets cadets involved in the community, sporting activities and developing their inner skills and also having the exhilarating experience of an expedition
Learn to fly a plane Flying is one of the most highly sought after activities in the air cadets as it is an awesome experience which gives the cadets the opportunity to take control of the RAF’s Grob Tutor, after a few flights or if the cadet is confident they also can have the chance to take part in some light aerobatics
Target shooting in the Air Cadets Being professionally trained, cadets will learn to shoot a range of targets and increase their marksmanship skills
Air Cadet Sports competitions The air cadets provides a wide range of sporting activities throughout the year advancing to competitions and awards



Air Cadets working in the Community Cadets get involved in the local community and enjoy working with local dignitaries